Friday, August 6, 2010

Kenai loves the Arrow Trail

Kenai misses his buddy Bechler so he is getting some extra TLC this week. We let him pick the trail again last night and, surprise, he chose the Arrow Trail. There are lots of squirrels, grouse to flush, and a cool creek drink from at the turnaround. I can't blame him really because it is one of my favs too.

Cooling off the feet and getting a drink at the turnaround

I think Kenai is smiling

My first ride with a rigid fork on the singlespeed and it was a hoot. Not fast, but a hoot!

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KetchumKyle said...

Hey Dave, the boys and i are coming over to see you for Pierre's hole. Can you give us some details on the 25 mile lap and how it might be run the SS's. my email is
lots of we know but what sort, double track steady or gg grunt, etc.
34x20 sound about right for a 26'er.
any info would be helpful. Most of us are thinking about doing the 50 as it's pretty close to pack city.
Thanks Dave,
Ketchum Kyle