Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post-Puff Interview with Michelle Byers

Almost a week after finishing her first Cream Puff 100, Michelle is still justifiably glowing and feeling the effects of a 13 1/2 hour day in the saddle. I pinned her down while watching Le Tour and drinking coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

Finishing your first 100 with your hubbie and many friends waiting at the finish line...priceless

Me: When did you actually decide to race the Puff?
Michelle: The Tuesday before the race

Me: Most people who race the Puff focus on it for months. What made you jump in at the last minute?
Michelle: A momentary lapse of sanity and it seemed like a good challenge.

Me: You finished your first Puff in 13 1/2 hours. To what do you contribute your success to?
Michelle: Wearing my "Harden the Fuck Up" bracelet to bed the night before and during the race. Also, sticking to a training plan, the support of my husband and friends, hydrating and fueling well, and having a tough mental hide.

The coveted Finisher's hat presented to every racer by the energetic Scott Taylor

Me: Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?
Michelle: I wore my lucky sports bra and my favorite necklace.

Kermit is now the "Go To" race bike

Me: You started racing a 29er this year. Will you ever race your 26" bike again?
Michelle: I doubt it.

Me: Do you ever talk trash to the boys as you pass them?
Michelle: Yeah, fer sure. I'll say "Hup Hup Buttercup!"

Me: A very serious question about your nutrition. Beer the night before a race, Yes or No?
Michelle: Yes! One.

Me: The word on the race circuit is that you have your own personal mechanic. Who is it?
Michelle: Bob. Bob is a superstar.*

Me: What is your favorite post-race binge food?
Michelle: A giant chocolate brownie, or maybe some bacon.

Michelle rockin' the Big Day socks

Me: Do you believe in the super powers of the Big Day Socks?
Michelle: Absolutely.

Me: Your teammates tease you about crashing. Did you crash during the Puff?
Michelle: I did. Twice, not counting the slow bobble tip-overs. I was flying downhill thinking I was close to the cuttoff time but I beat it by an hour.

Me: Will you do the Puff again?
Michelle: Yes.

*Bob is kind of like Santa Claus. You never actually see Bob but he shows up in the middle of the night and cleans your drivetrain and bleeds brakes while you are sleeping. Unlike Santa Claus, Bob prefers Zonker Stout over cookies.


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Wow. At least you didn't have to go to work on Monday....right? Oh, also grandpa called. He wants his socks back.