Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 19th was the first day of our summer

Yesterday finally felt like summer to me and it was glorious. The singletrack is drying out nicely and the feeling of the sun on my bare arms brought a huge smile to my face.

I met up with Gabe at 10am and planned to chase him around the Snow King trails for a couple of hours. Upon my arrival he informed me that we would be in the company of a celebrity today and that I better get my game face on. Our rock star friend Amanda was in town between winning 100-mile races and training at altitude for the Firecracker 50 and decided to join us. So now I had two really fast people to chase around.

Three dudes and a PRO

What a blast! The Snow King trails are so sweet and I don't ride them enough but I am going to make it point to get over there more this year. Halfway through our loop we ran into Kyle and he spun it around to join us for the rest of our loop.

The posse was still going strong at the two hour mark when I decided to stick to my plan and head back to the truck. My brain wanted to ride all friggin' day but since I raced eight hours last Saturday, and with the Cream Puff three weeks away, it wouldn't have been the smart thing to do. The swoopy descent back to the trailhead ensured that I would have perma-grin the rest of the day. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

your blog is quite inspiring. I have a great friend Chris B. who lives in Victor and when i read your blogs i am reminded of why he moved to Idaho. He loves it all, just like you! i REALLY need to travel! Well, i thought if you are ever stuck inside, i have a kool piece of cycling equip you is the FitDesk and you can cycle while has elbow support and i think you would love it..i cant imagine you are blogging while outdoor cycling! Hey, if you see Chris, tell him hi!lol ps Dave thanks for your inspiration Debbie D