Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get out in it!

Cyclists in Teton Valley, ID/Jackson, WY have two options right now: A) whine about the crappy wet weather OR B) get out in it. JayP and I emphatically chose B, and had an excellent adventure.

Cross tires and fenders turn the Niner into an all-weather gravel grinding machine...but I have to admit that I was jealous of JayP's Vaya and especially his Salsa Woodchipper bars. They look super comfy and stable. We stuck to the wet backroads in an effort to slow the speeds and reduce the windchill.

A black & white pic seemed an appropriate for today's weather

After being stopped by a runoff-swollen South Leigh Creek, we doubled back and found a new route north that eliminates a big section of pavement and will be a key link for longer backroads rides in the future.

If you worry about keeping your bike clean, today was not your day

JayP's new ride is the sweet steel Salsa Vaya. Salsa's new tagline "Adventure by Bike" seemed to describe today's ride perfectly

Mad Alchemy's Cold Weather embrocation kept the legs insulated from the rain and the mud while neoprene shoe covers kept the feet happy

Babies are popping up all around Teton Valley. Baby draft horses are especially cute with their oversized hooves that don't seem to fit their legs yet.

It feels good to bang out 65 miles and explore some cool places on a day when it would be easy to stay inside.


JenyJo said...

OH so nicely done there, northman!

LOVELYYYYYY day (lovelydirtyday)!!!

THAT is good stoke. keep that fire burning!


JayP said...

dave, that was a sweet ride today for sure...stoked! and yes the Vaya is doing the job it was meant to do very well...double stoke!!