Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Countdown to Old Pueblo is on

Time flies the week before a 24 Hour Solo race...especially when it is the first race of the season and the mtn bikes haven't been ridden since November!

Looking forward to getting to race venue, setting up the camp, and pre-riding on (hopefully) dry dirt. Sunshine would be an added bonus.

If it is warm enough to ride without leg warmers, please do not laugh (at least out loud) at my white legs. Riding the snow bike does nothing for your cycling tan. Ha!

1 comment:

Hamilton said...

As my brother used to say, "Kick it like a Kick Drum" brother!!!
Show those snowbirds some snowbike-honed pasty white nastiness. That's right, open up that can of Rocky Mountain whoop ass all over that desert. Their gonna fear the Junkie, but hey, don't forget your sunscreen.

Have fun and conquer!!