Sunday, January 24, 2010

Training Camp - Day 3

84 miles on the snow bike in 8 hours of moving time.

I ran out of plowed road at the south end of Jackpine Loop so that was the far end of my out-and-back

To all my friends who skied today; I hope you made a couple of powder turns for me. I was definitely struggling with whether to ride or ski today but I was committed to sticking to my plan and riding three days in a row just as I would have in St George at Camp Lynda. Now I am tired.

This sign was north of Tetonia in the middle of nowhere. I had to snap a pic.


T-Race said...

Congrats Dave! So proud of you sticking to your plan and makin' it happen!

brandon said...

good on ya Dave. I know Camp Dave wasn't as much fun as Camp Lynda but you made the best of it. Now go ski the powder!

Mike said...

Are you guys all on Pugsleys? Did you rent 'em, or do you just happen to own your own snowbike?