Friday, January 22, 2010

Training Camp - Day 1

The "safe" bet would have been to ride the snow bikes from Victor on the valley's back roads but Mother Nature played a cruel trick on us. She lulled us into thinking that the wonderful trails at Horseshoe might be ridable. We agreed that a day in the forest sounded much better than a day riding back roads so we gambled...and lost.

Amanda and T-Race in the calm before the storm

We started the day in cloudy but calm conditions and soft (barely ridable) trails. As if she flipped a switch, Mother Nature turned on the snow machine and our tracks were filling in quickly behind us. Even our attempt at backtracking to a quiet back road failed as the wind drifted the road in with sugary snow and had us pushing our bikes in a pretty solid snow storm.

Amanda and Tracey were awesome and stayed positive throughout our wacky adventure. I saw today playing out so differently in my mind. So I mentally kicked myself for taking that chance and came home to finish out my ride time on the trainer in the basement.

No gambles tomorrow for Day 2.


Lynda Wallenfels said...

Camp Lynda stoke is elusive this year. Nice job finishing it off in the basement.

T-Race said...

Good job on the basement session!