Monday, September 14, 2009

Downhill Racing is hard!

Grand Targhee held their first downhill mountain bike race on Sat and I wanted to show my support so I showed up with a borrowed full-face helmet, some pads, and my Turner Sultan mounted with the fattest tires I own.

After the gnar, the downhill course finished up on the lower Cat-track at Targhee

After my first practice run on the 4" travel Sultan I decided that I might live longer if I rented a bike with more travel so I grabbed a Giant Reign X1 and took another run. Practice run #2 was better but I am not used to getting air with flat pedals and this almost resulted in a serious groin-to-stem collision. With ten minutes til' the start I ditched the flats, mounted my Time clipless to the Reign X, and took the lift to the top.

Downhill racing is violent...and addicting. I want to try it again and hopefully get a few more practice runs in next time. My triceps, wrists, and hands were still sore on Sunday. I don't think I was dead last but it was close. The experts were SO fast it blew me away.


brandon said...

Based on the photo are you a sponsored rider for 661 now? I'm just kidding.

Do you think you could get into DHing like you have endurance racing? Are you having fun with it or is more work than it is fun?

If you got a DH bike how many bikes would you have in the stable?

Thanks for sharing Dave.

Unknown said...

Hey Dave, I will bet that you end up with some pretty sore muscles after the pictures that i saw. What if i told you that i have an all natural product that will help your recovery time and also increase your endurance while helping to build muscle. You would be interested, wouldn't ya? I know that it sounds to good to be true, but it is. And if you are interested in doing better and not hurting as long afterward in your race on sept, 26 then give me a call. My name is Nate and my # is 208-317-6261

Dave said...

Brandon - I don't think I could be "serious" about DHing but I could still see having a DH bike since we have the lift-served at the Ghee and Teton Pass. I am still trying to go faster in the endurance races so that will remain my focus.