Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy not training

After the Park City Point to Point it was definitely time to take a break from the structured training I have been doing since the winter. I trained hard for the Su100 and then really just kept it going through the spring and summer. I wasn't burned out but I was probably right on the edge. However, there has been plenty going on to keep me busy "not" training.

First, I had to address my trusty Niner Air 9. I discovered two small cracks at the top of the seat stays just above the welds. A couple of emails to Niner Bikes and it looks like they are going to replace it with no trouble but it is a pain to strip it down, box it up, and then rebuild her up again. At least this didn't happen in the middle of race season since I ended up racing the Niner at every race this summer.

Air 9 parts in a box

Cyclocross season ramps up tonight with one of the biggest domestic races of the year, Cross Vegas. Our local races, the Victor Cross Series, start Oct 3rd and we can race cross locally through November. Our biggest race, Moose Cross, is Oct 17th & 18th this year so plan to be in Victor that weekend and bring your cowbell!

The cross bike is prepped and ready to rock

Cantilever brakes are not easy to dial in when you don't work on them all of the time

Getting the cross course in "race shape" is one of my responsibilities as one of the Victor Cross Series organizers and some construction in the park meant that we had to make some changes from last year.

Between the volunteer work day, the generosity of Valley Lumber in loaning us equipment, and JayP recently moving to Victor, we have made a ton of progress. The new course is longer, will have more grass, more direction changes, and is hard but fun.

When we started, this berm was just a mound of dirt covered in weeds

Exiting Barry's Bench forces you into a sharp 180 degree turn

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