Friday, June 5, 2009

Lighter 29er FS bikes on the horizon

For 2009, the general theme in 29er FS bikes was "more travel". Squeaking out another 1/2" to 1" of travel seemed to be the goal and many nice trail bikes were created as a result. Selfishly, I wanted to see a couple of companies go in the opposite direction but nothing hit the mark. For 2010, at least one company is offering a 29er FS bike aimed squarely at the racing crowd and I am excited about it.

The 2010 Gary Fisher Superfly 100

Velonews reported on the Gary Fisher 29er a few days ago and Twenty Nine Inches did a follow up post. G-Ted reports that Fisher predicts a frame + shock weight of 2100g...that is 4.63 lbs for the metric-ly challenged. Holy crap!

Who else might surprise us with a lightweight 29er FS rig? Specialized had an Epic 29er at Sea Otter but nothing else has leaked yet. Turner, if you are listening, please build a 29er version of the Nitrous.

The Lenz 3.0 has been all alone in the sub 6lb 29er FS frame category for a long time and at 5.4 lbs for a large frame + shock it is almost a pound lighter than anything else out there. Niner tried to compete with its Jet9 but I think that the frame spent too much time in the all-you-can-eat line. A medium Jet9 is 6.2 lbs. My 2008 Sultan, billed as a trail bike, is even more portly at 6.5 lbs for the large frame + RP23.

In my opinion, a 4" travel 29er FS bike built up to 24.5 to 25 lbs would be an ideal everyday race bike.


Ed said...


Nice new header pic.


Dave said...

Ed - I know, I can't help it.

JenyJo said...

i second that NITROUS comment..... I'd fork out for that one.

that superflypony is pretty pretty.


keep more of this info coming, please!!! someone has to geek out and help those of us who are less information-focused. ;-)


grannygear said...

I think even a 2.5" to 3" FS would be ideal for most racing. Split the difference between a Dos Niner and a Big Mama. Think Scandium to keep cost down. 29er Scalpel anyone?