Thursday, January 15, 2009

RBH Designs NTS Vest - Initial Thoughts

I received my new RBH Designs NTS Vest in the mail last Thursday and immediately started wearing it on Friday. I have owned the RBH Designs vapor barrier socks for the past two years and have been impressed but it took me a while to decide to try a piece of vapor barrier clothing and the vest seemed like the least risky piece to try.

It is typical for my layers to be "wetted out" after hiking the bootpack up Mt. Glory or a long snow bike ride. This is fine if I am in continuous motion but as soon as I stop, I get cold.

A very simple but well-made vest

I am a fan already. I notice that my core warms up and stays warm even when I stop moving briefly. My insulating layers have stayed dry and overheating has not been an issue. I wouldn't wear the NTS Vest if it was warmer than 32F though. I have been wearing a Craft Pro Zero (very thin) base layer underneath the vest each time and I like this system.

For comparison, I did a short snow bike ride after work yesterday without the NTS Vest and when I got back I immediately inspected my layers. The back of my base layer was soaked with sweat from my Camelbak and the front of my softshell was wet with perspiration. Had the conditions changed and warranted another insulating layer, the new layer would instantly get wet from the inside.

RBH Designs is a small company in CT and they sew everything to order in house. I like to support the small, innovative compaies whenever possible.


T-Race said...

I'm wondering why I don't have one? Glad it's working for you Dave!

Dave said...

T-Race, that is a very good question. :)

Doug said...

If I understand it correctly, a VB should shut down your bodies need to sweat heavily. Have you found there is less perspiring on your core with the vest?

Dave said...

Doug, I have not noticed a decrease in sweating. However, I do notice that I stay warmer when I stop AND my outer layer is not wet. I am definitely sweaty under the vest...but warm so far. I have not been able to test it in really cold temps yet.