Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where the hell is Dave?

Holy whirlwind Batman! It has been a very busy two weeks since I posted last so let's get caught up:

Jan 12-14: Stayed home from Camp Lynda but logged 15.5 hours on the snow bike training for the Susitna 100.

Jan 16: Took the day off work to ride the final 100-mile route of the Togwotee Winter Classic on a snowmobile. This was my first time ever on a snowmobile but I managed to maintain a pretty solid pace all day and knocked it out in 5.5 hours. It was -19F in Moran Junction, WY at 8:30am this day. I was pretty nervous about being out there all day in those temps but I wore everything warm I own and was fine. It has been snowing so much that I had to jump on this bluebird day before the next storm rolled in.

Jan 17-18: Last-minute race details, busy time at work, etc. made for a stressful couple of days. My new Princeton Tech Apex Extreme bike light showed up! I won the contest on their Blog and now have a cool new toy to play with. I can't wait to test it out! Those Princeton Tech guys are cool.

Jan 19: Race Day. I have a new level of respect for the well-run mtn bike races now. Everyone finished and everyone was smiling. I will post more thoughts on being a "race promoter" later. Many friends offered encouragement and support before, during, and after the race and I really appreciate it.

Jan 20: Back home catching up on rest. Went for a 1:15:00 skate ski with Michelle.

Jan 21: After a good night's sleep, feeling more normal and went for another 1:15:00 skate ski.

Jan 22: L3 Intervals on the rollers; it feels good to be back on the training program after last week.

Jan 23: 1 hour snow bike ride before work to test out the cold-weather prep in -2F temps and spin the legs out. I need more practice! My Camelbak hose froze again 30 minutes into it and I could not get it thawed out.


Anonymous said...

Dave, that hose should not be freezing, I want to see how you've got it rigged. I got out on some really fun trails near my house Tues night in subzero. A bit of a poach but I know the groomer and his schedule. Built in intervals and fun as hell!!

Chris E.

Dave said...

If you are poaching the nordic track contained within a certain "high end golf course community", you are my hero! I skated those trails on Monday and thought about snow biking them at night. As long as you ride them the night before they are scheduled to groom, nobody gets hurt. :)

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you did a great job hosting your first race ever. Everyone's stories almost make me want to ride my bike in sub zero temps. I think you are very ambitious to take on so much at once. Keep it up!

Doug said...

Well done Dave, well done!