Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Perfect start to 2008

I love activities on New Year's Day that kick off the new year properly so today Michelle and I went for a great snow bike ride in the Big Holes. We have been riding our snow bikes a bit but our trails haven't been "just right"...until today. The big storm over the weekend had enough wind to pack the trail surface just a bit and it made all of the difference in the world. It was soft and challenging but rideable.

Kenai insisted on breaking in the new year properly as well

A few random thoughts from today's ride:
1) I think wearing a light wicking layer (Craft) under an Icebreaker wool top is more effective than wearing the wool against the skin. The wool is great, but when it gets wet it stays wet for a long time.
2) I think I am the only snow biker who cannot seem to keep his Camelbak from freezing although I blow back into it after every drink.
3) Outdoor Research PL 400 mittens are the shizzle for aerobic activities like skate skiing and snow biking
4) Dark chocolate covered almonds don't suck for quick energy
5) I am still in search of the perfect snow biking pants. The pant must have windproof front, full side-zip, breatheable back, and have a drawstring/belt.
6) I am now a fan of Alka-Seltzer Immunity Complex. I was sure I was coming down with a cold/flu during the day Saturday so I started taking this stuff in hopes of fighting it off. Although I felt run down, it never fully latched onto me. Yahoo!
Happy New Year!


Ed said...

I hope you guys are getting at least a few downhill turns in that luscious powder that is falling. Jeny and I thought several times about driving up to get some of that.


JenyJo said...

yeah -- we really wanted to come up and visit and turn-n-burn and play in the storm!

i can't keep my camel back from freezing either!! argh!

Dave said...

I have to admit that we have not made as many downhill turns as we normally do by this time...but its still early. :)
The coverage is really good for this time of year and the cold temps have kept the snow nice and it looks like more is on the way.

Steelboss said...

Hay Bud.

Just happened to drift by your blog, and had to say you must be a pretty hardcore trainer to be doing all those bike races. Especially in some of the condition you live in. I don't think I could realistically do something like that, mainly because all my weight training and other stuff would probably make me burn out :-p.

I's good to meet other people, who are very determined to do something physical with their lives, and who enjoy taking time dedicating themselves to the person inside.

I respect you for all the hard work and effort you must put in to make your goals a reality, and I want to wish you a lot of luck doing what you're doing.

I also wanted to say if you or anyone you know wants another place to journal stuff, or get or give support and advice to others, on differing lifestyle topics, then you and and they will always be welcome, to check out Steelmuscle my messageboard on my site, and say hi to people.

If not then no worries at all.

Whatever happens good luck, best wishes and have a good year :-).