Friday, April 27, 2007

Please pass the Kleenex

As I was driving home from Fruita on Monday I was thinking about how to build on the block of training I had just completed in order to show up at KTR as ready as possible. A few days off made a lot of sense since I had just ridden 17.5 hours in three days and I have a tendency to overtrain.

My plan was to spin very easy Wed, do a moderate hill climb on Thursday and see how the legs felt, take Fri off, and then uncork a big ride on Saturday.

Well, late Wed afternoon I start to get this strange scratch in the back of my throat and feel a little low on energy so I bag the recovery ride and start taking Airborne every three hours. Thursday morning I still have the sore throat with a little sniffle and I am not 100%. F'ack! I can't remember the last time I was sick but so far I have managed to keep this crud from turning into a full-blown cold and the symptoms are completely above the shoulders at this point.

I really hate the idea of losing fitness while I recover from this minor cold. On one hand, some say you can train through a cold if the symptoms are above the shoulders. On the other hand, if I lay low a couple more days I might be able to knock it out completely and then put in one more huge week before tapering for KTR. What to do?

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Geoff said...

it's always a tough call. i don't think there's a general answer for what to do training wise when you're sick. just do what feels "right" and you'll be fine. a few days off might recharge your body more than you'd imagine.