Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kokopelli recon, Day 2 - Westwater to Dewey Bridge

I met up with Lynda at the Westwater Campground to begin my second day of Kokopelli recon. The legs felt a bit heavy going up and down stairs at the motel this morning so I was hoping they would loosen up a bit once we got started. The weather was looking a bit ominous on the drive from Fruita and within an hour we were getting rained on but at least it wasn't "soaked to the nickers" rain as Lynda says. The rain definitely helped pack down parts of the otherwise sandy trail and kept the temps cool. I knew those shoe covers and leg warmers would come in handy.

I really enjoyed the section of the trail we rode today for the variety of terrain and for the scenery. In the back of my mind today was the big ride we have planned for tomorrow - Dewey to Moab. I didn't want to slow Lynda down but I also didn't want to burn up the legs either. Here are a few more pics from the day's ride and I am off to bed shortly so I can recover for the BIG one tomorrow.


Simmons said...

Nice pictures Dave.

Geoff said...

great pic's. i'm going to be down in utah in a week and a half. i can't wait.

FixieDave said...

Dino tracks are cool! Nice to meet yah!