Monday, April 9, 2012

Short Track Mountain Bike Racing is fun!

I jumped into my first Short Track Mountain Bike race, and my first local race as a Boise resident, this past Saturday. The Knobby Tire Series Sagebrush Scramble was a perfect way to get a feel for the local race scene and blow the cobwebs out after a few hectic weeks. Hal & the crew always put on a fun race with a great vibe and this was no exception.

My legs actually felt great...I just wasn't very fast. Short, intense efforts have never been my strength but they are great for bike handling practice and I learned that I need more practice on Boise's typical kitty-litter covered corners. Since my SS is going to see significant race action this season, I raced the SS with a 32x17 and I wish that I had run a 34x17 for the downwind section. I am a "masher", not a spinner.

The start of the Cat 1 race

The Men's Cat 1 leaders early in the race

Mike Sherman was rocking the rigid 1x10

At four years old, Piia was the crowd favorite and finished the Trailblazers race. Piia also would have easily won the "Best Helmet" contest.


Hamilton said... that a Troy Olsen sighting? damn...he's doing some driving for early races? Way to go on priming the race day legs, it feels like snow in Jx, oh,, spring, eh? 9 to 5 is going to rock, and it is great to hear your most special bike is to be showcased this summer!

Flip Front Motorcycle Helmets said...

Last one looking cool.I think this kid could be great dirt racer...