Thursday, March 29, 2012

Settling Into Boise

Our move to Boise happened fast. Less than three weeks elapsed from the time when Michelle accepted her new job to when we were actually in our new Boise home. Everything else had to take a back seat for a short period while we focused on the move and it consumed all of our energy.

Although exhausting, our move was smooth and efficient thanks to some timely packing help from our great friends Brandon & Sarah. We chose to pack everything ourselves and have an Allied Moving company load & unload our stuff so that we could easily get both of our vehicles to Boise and reduce our own stress. Naturally, the bikes (all ten of them) rode with me...four inside the camper shell, four on hitch rack, and two on top.

There are some things that you should ALWAYS move yourself

Last Thursday and Friday were a blur of unpacking and organizing but we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel by Saturday and I finally felt like I could take a couple of hours and ride my bike. TK and Mike Sherman took me on a tour of my new-to-me trails and my mood improved dramatically. Michelle and I did some more singletrack exploring on Sunday. The Boise foothills trails are well-signed so learning the trail network shouldn’t be too tough.

Lower Hulls Gulch is one of the closest trails to our new home

The solid week of training I missed due to moving has me feeling a little “off the back” but I still have some time before my first real goal of the 2012 season: The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, Solo Singlespeed. Time to refocus.


actionjackson said...

Glad to see that you two are getting comfortable in Boise. I'm actually headed that way for work the week of April 9-13; would love to get out for evening rides!


Hiro Kurata said...

Greaat read thankyou