Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teton Valley's best snow bike ride

The Horseshoe Canyon to Packsaddle snow bike ride is my absolute favorite in Teton Valley. The ride has rolling terrain, lots of forested riding, and gorgeous views of the Tetons. It can be a two+ hour out-and-back or it can be turned into an epic when conditions are right. During the summer this route is simply a dusty Forest Service road that we use to access the northern end of the Big Holes but it drastically changes character in the winter.

A combination of recent grooming and single-digit temps made for excellent riding today and we had the whole trail to ourselves. The snowshoe hare, moose, and deer tracks in the snow tell us that this trail sees more visitors at night than on most days.

M was all smiles beneath her many layers

Kenai loves snow biking...but he doesn't really love the jacket that his momma makes him wear

If you snow bike on a groomed snowmobile trail network, please show your support by buying an annual sticker

The Fat Fork's maiden voyage was most-excellent. In addition to being fat & sexy, it rides great.


brandon said...

how much fatness did you loose?

Dave said...

B - I lost about 250 steel fork was actually fairly svelt.

brandon said...

That is a light steel fork. Well, it's not a lot but it's something. I guess it's carbon so it doesn't really matter how much you lost cause it looks awesome.

T-Race said...

the trail looks good!

Shells said...

Momma knows best!