Friday, June 25, 2010

Lovin the singlespeed

Yesterday's ride on the singlespeed was one of my favorite rides of the year. The varied effort, the lack of chain slap, and the sweet buzz of my DT Swiss freewheel while ripping downhill cleared my head of all the "nutty professor" thoughts about training progress, wattts, and PowerTaps that were rattling around in my brain.

Yesterday was also the first ride where I wasn't sure whether I would be able to ride all of the terrain I chose but when the moment arrived I simply torqued on the barends a little harder and mashed my way up...everything...Bovine, Shark's Belly, and even the rude hill on the backside of Sodbuster. Yeah, that felt good.


Hamilton said...

tick...tock...tick...tock...almost back from powder, almost in the mail.... stoked you are lovin' that 9'er SS, we'll have to compare notes soon!

wyoluke said...

Dave,you think the upper trails, BH Crest Trail is dry-ish yet? Any thoughts on conditions up there?


Dave said...

Luke - I was at the top of Pole Canyon at the end of last week and the last quarter mile was under snow. I think most of the Crest Trail would be ok with the exception of the forested area near Elk Flats/Mahogany.

Lynne said...

Can still see snow on the BH crest from our house. Also heard of snow in Elk Flat from some moto friends.

Mahogany is riding great, though.

Love the blog, Dave, and sharing your stoke.

wyoluke said...

+Thanks you two. Got the comments late but had a great day in the saddle,trying some new (to me) trails - adding Canyon Creek to the BH Crest, Drake, Relay Ridge, Horshoe standard. Still quite a bit of snow around Elk Flats/ Garns, but fun to kick steps in a cornice w/ the mtn bike on the shoulder.

Dave said...

Luke - How was Canyon Creek? Did you ride both North & South Canyon?