Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pole Canyon trail work

I will be haulin' tools and diggin' water bars bright and early tomorrow morning for a trail work day on Pole Canyon. The Forest Service is giving Pole Canyon some much needed attention now with some bigger improvements to come next summer and I am stoked to volunteer on my backyard trail.

The Rokon can haul an amazing amount of weight uphill with its low gearing and two wheel drive.


Hamilton said...

I fear for your kidneys, don't hit the brakes too hard. Oh, btw, did I tell you about my ultra sick epic of all epics on PUTT-PUTT the other day, ya wanker ;-)

Unknown said...


Thanks for volunteering. Like I said before, Teton valley, ID is lucky to have you. Are you guys rerouting the trail or just doing maintenance?


Vito said...

A red Pugsley with a motor...I love it! I concur with Hamilton and must say, "Be careful of those kidneys!"

Dave said...

Michael - This summer Pole Canyon is only receiving maintenance but I would say that over 1/2 of the trail desperately needs a reroute. A lot of the trail is literally in the creek bed and/or is over 18% grade.