Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unexpected call from Kaltag, AK

I got an unexpected call from Kaltag, AK on was JayP and T-Race! It was great to hear their voices and get an update on their travels. They had just made a big push through the night to get to Kaltag and had to deal with -40F temps. Let that rotate in your mind a little bit. When JayP says it was “scary” I can only imagine the cold-induced anxiety out on the trail. To keep their extremities warm they had to run with their bikes for the last two hours into Kaltag. When I spoke to them they were at the school warming up, cooking some food from their drop bags, and preparing for the next push onto Unalakleet. The lead dog team had just rolled into Kaltag as well so the village was abuzz with excited from the biggest event of their year.

Overall they sounded good, upbeat, and deservedly tired. I consciously tried not to say anything about the 400 miles they still had to travel and simply expressed how proud I am of them.

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