Friday, March 26, 2010


A little colder, or a little warmer would be better

I want to ride a bicycle both days this weekend (surprise) and I am having hard time planning my attack. Anything above 35F is a bit risky on the snow bike because the trails quickly get too soft to ride.

Option #1
Sat - Leave the house at 6am, drive to Togwotee, and ride the snow bike on their freshly groomed and hopefully frozen trails.
Sun - Ride the mtn bike around Teton Valley's backroads in slightly warmer temps

Option #2
Sat - Sleep in, throw cross tires and fenders on the mtn bike, and ride to Ashton and back (about 100 miles) while trying not to freeze.
Sun - Road ride in Grand Teton National Park


Kris Lunning said...

option 3....transport yourself to Marin county for 70 degrees of warm sunshine and coastal rain forest..Ashton sounds brutal...not suggested for the sane brain.

Dave said...

Lunner! Man, 70 degrees sounds SO good right now. What is it like to ride in shorts and short sleeves? I have forgotten. I know you can relate to my dilemma this weekend...of course you would probably just go climb some peak in a leopard speedo. Ha!