Thursday, October 15, 2009

When in doubt, call Phil

The Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket

My Campy bottom bracket recently developed a "crunch" and since it resides in my cross bike these days I needed to address it with a replacement that could handle the mud and repeated power-washings. The same Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket currently in my FatBack is over 4 years old, is on its second snow bike bike, and is still as smooth as day 1. Oh yeah, and the Phil Wood bottom bracket cups allow you to adjust your chainline by 5mm to either side which is perfect for a single-ring cross setup.

When my new Phil arrived yesterday and I lifted the shiny nugget from its closed cell foam cocoon I was reminded of Phil's slogan: Build it strong. Keep it simple. Make it work.

Why did we move away from square taper bottom brackets?


Chris E. said...

MMMM, you said phil AND campy in the same post!

FixieDave said...

Also if you aren't doing campy... shimmino un-54's last forever as well and retail for $20

I heart square taper