Monday, October 26, 2009

In Search of Frozen Mud

With fall waning, winter has pulled into the driveway and is unloading her luggage for a long, long stay here in Teton Valley, ID. There is a brief window for those of us not ready to give into this new season but it takes dedication. Temps are now consistently below freezing at night which means that for a short window in the morning, before the sun can affect the moisture-filled dirt, the trails will be frozen solid and the weight of our bodies won’t leave a trace. But if you sleep too late and miss the window, nasty ruts in the mud will reveal your laziness and will you will spend more time washing your bike than you did riding it.

Kenai wishes we had started an hour earlier

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T-Race said...

Hey! Just cause some of US need a little more beauty sleep then others, doesn't mean we're lazy! lol-thanks for sharing the great rides this w/e Dave!