Thursday, April 2, 2009

Name this ski tour

Let's see who can name the popular ski tour pictured below. The images were created using Topofusion.

First a 3D version, because its so cool

A 2D Aerial photo with an obvious clue

I think this morning's turns were the best I have had all season for the combination of fresh, deep snow, no people (I mean none, we broke trail the whole way), and excellent company.


Ketchum Kyle said...

Dave, are you in for the CreamPuff? Didn't see you on the reg list!
Ketchum Kyle

Dave said...

kyle- I sent my entry in a couple of weeks ago but have not heard anything. I really hope I am in.

Kyle said...

I hope you get in. My first go at it. I'll keep an eye out for you and introduce myself. What about The Growler? Kyle

wyoluke said...

Powder Reserve, lil' T-Day bowl lap, Edelweiss Nose.