Friday, April 17, 2009

Sun, dry dirt, and excellent company

When Lynda says "3 Hours at JRA pace", you better bring your A-game. That is all I am sayin'. I don't think gravity affects Lynda like it does the rest of us. I was doing great, until the Earth tilted upwards and then the next thing I knew Lynda was a wee speck in the distance. :)

The Dynamic Duo in a rare slow moment

The newly built trail near Barrel Roll is a great climb with an excellent view as the reward

The flowers are emerging everywhere in the desert

Dave was kind enough to continue the guided tour when Lynda had to turn back for her PTA duties. I got to see some excellent "locals only" connector trails and then had the pleasure of chasing Dave down the Stucki Trail. Woohoo!

Dave unleashed the power a little too much on a steep climb

Despite my lack of zip today I really enjoyed the trails and the company. Tomorrow is our last day in St George. Boooo.

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brandon said...

I'm glad I wasn't on that ride. I wouldn't have seen anyone in front of me the entire ride. Great photos and great times.

Thanks Dave!