Saturday, April 18, 2009

Final Day in St George

Although none of the previous six days of consecutive rides were "big" ride days, I am sufficiently tired now. The last techy bits of Hurricane Rim today caused the quads to quiver. What a perfect way to end a great trip to the desert.

Gould's + Jem + Hurricane was a favorite.

This trip ended up being less of a "training camp" for me and more of a vacation for Michelle and I. Although we live in a wonderful place and are constantly doing fun activities at home, we haven't really taken a vacation in a long time so this one was long overdue.

Visiting with Dave & Lynda at Twenty Five Main last night was fabulous and stopping into OTE Hurricane one more time on the way out was nice too. We will be back to visit St George again soon.


Dave Harris said...

Awesome Dave, glad you made it down here. It was great riding with you and dinner with you & Michelle was super.

And, whatever you do, make sure it isn't f***king stupid!

Ed said...

Nice trip Dave!


Kevin Dielissen said...

That trail looks great. Good info, I enjoy reading your stuff. Nice truck btw in your latest post.
Kevin Dielissen