Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still glowing from Camp Lynda

I am not sure why, but it is common for me to sleep poorly after an epic day in the saddle and the night after Day 3 of Camp Lynda was no exception. My body was tired but my brain was still accelerating and reliving every climb, every decent, every view and every decision of the day. The long drive back to Idaho gave me more time to think about the weekend and a big smile never left my face.

I want to say a huge thank you to Lynda and Dave for hosting Camp Lynda and for keeping the vibe so positive. I know how much time it takes to organize this type of thing even though its theme is “self supported”. You guys rocks!

The group dinners were a highlight and I only wish I could have spent more social time with more people. The conversation Friday night about training with power between Bart, who admitted that he doesn’t even wear a watch when he trains, and Dave Harris, was fun to listen to.

As I plowed through my first post-camp work day yesterday my brain kept drifting back to various points along the weekend’s adventure. These pics are a random sampling from each day.

At one point during our outbound leg, there was a river of water pouring down a valley in the face of the slickrock but by the time we came back through it was dry.

The mud on Day 1 was more grit and sand than clay we were able to ride without too many issues other than a noisy reminder from the drivetrain area

If only I had cyclocross-carried my bike through the first 200 yards of clay on Day 2...

When you have a hard time opening the wrapper, you have waited too long to eat.

Threatening weather seems to surround us for most of Day 3 but we were treated to great riding conditions

My biggest regret of Camp Lynda was not making it to the Iceberg. Ha!


Jeff Kerkove said...

The Iceburg huh? I drove/rode past that place very day...twice. Never even crossed my mind to stop in there. Maybe I should have :)

Dave said...

Jeff - the magical healing powers of a fine milkshake are recognized and understood by few. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photo summary. :) You know, I told Dave C when we were out on Sunday that I was going to have a freakin' milkshake after that ride...and it never happened. :( Next time, we will HAVE to go there.

FixieDave said...

Dan, chris, dave c, kurt, maradith and myself all know the healing power of the iceburg...

Good stuff Dave