Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camp Lynda Day 2

Day 2 was to be a technical singletrack-fest but we had to modify the route due to steady rain overnight...but this is not Camp Creampuff, it is Camp Lynda. So we rode. The first 300 yards of dirt on today's ride wreaked havoc on the peloton as clay built up and stopped wheels from turning. A few turned back right there. My bike never really recovered from this and my drivetrain made noises I had never heard before.

Photo cred to Jeff K.

Once we cleared the initial muck we rallied around some fun trails like Barrell Cacti, Grapevine Racecourse, and Zen. Barrel Cacti was so fun I did it twice. It was a five hour day with a few stops for mud-clearing and drivetrain repair. A thorough cleaning was in order back at the motel after this one.

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