Monday, October 6, 2008

If we build it, they will come... the approach we are taking to growing cyclocross in Victor, ID. We held our second cyclocross race this Saturday and, although the numbers were small, it was a huge success. We had rain, wind, mud, and smiles all around. Our cross course rides really well in the bad weather and most commented on how much MORE fun it was with mud compared to the dusty conditions of Moose Cross.

The Wednesday night cross practices over in Jackson will hopefully help peak some additional interest. Join us at 5:30 PM at the Snow King ball field.

Cross practice. Hup Hup.

The ladies were killing it Saturday! Amanda Riley-Carey, Jannine Fitzgerald, and Tracey Petervary rocked the women's Int/Pro Race.

T-Race with a nice suitcase carry

J9 on the slippery hairpin

Men's Int/Pro Race - Bergy crushed the field

Big smiles were the theme

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