Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bozeman, MT Cross Race


I couldn't believe what I was hearing when Bergy called me in the hotel room at 8:30 PM Sat night and spoke those words. You don't cancel a cross race due to bad weather. You relish the wrath of Mother Nature and TTFU.

We had just got done chipping frozen road spray from our wheels and frames and washing our cross bikes in the Day's Inn parking lot in blowing snow. We were ready to rock!

I think planning a cross race at a "fair weather only" venue is huge mistake. Enough said.

However, race promotion is not an easy job and every racer thinks they can do it better. I know this from my experiences in organizing the Togwotee Winter Classic, co-organizing Moose Cross, and co-organizing the Victor Cross Series events. I am sure the race promoter will learn from this one and hopefully he will continue to promote cross.

The story is that the City of Bozeman agreed to allow a cross race under the condition that their park was not torn up. In order to avoid a fine and prevent cross racing from being banned in Lindley Park in the future, the promoter pulled the plug.

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