Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Turner Sultan

Ok, I know it took me way too long to get this bike built up. Yesterday afternoon was finally my first ride on the new Sultan and I still have perma-grin.

Rick's Basin Trails at Targhee

I am really happy with the way the build turned out and very happy with the final weight: 26.4 lbs with the race wheels on. Not bad for 4" travel 29er. I will trim the brake lines a bit more and play with the bar height but I am very close with my initial measurements. The new Sultan is only .1 lbs heavier than my 26" Turner Flux, mostly due to the "every day" wheelset I have on the Flux.

Initial impressions:
1) I didn't "feel" any slower on steep climbs and stayed in the same cogs as I normally ride on the 26" Flux
2) I felt more comfortable cornering on this bike
3) Rolling over boulders and ledges was easier
4) Riding at a moderate pace, I turned out back to back laps as fast or faster than I did in the WYDAHO race on the 4th.

Targhee's new beginner downhill trail

Almost as exciting as the new bike was the new trail I rode yesterday. Targhee is building three lift-served downhill trails and the first one completed is the "beginner" trail. It just so happens that the beginner downhill trail is also an awesome xc trail if you ride it uphill. I didn't make it all the way up but I climbed steadily for 25 minutes and then turned around and ripped it downhill. Yeehaaw! This is going to be great trail to hone my singletrack skillz as it has a little of everything. Just don't ride it uphill if the lifts are running!

Heading down to Park City this weekend for 10 hours of intermittent fun, speed, pain, and suffering...probably in that order. JayP and I are teaming up in the Park City Perfect 10. Talk about performance anxiety!


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

Between this post and the mtbr one this is by far the best looking sultans out there. Glad you are enjoying it so far. Have fun in Park City.

Doug said...

You have exquisite taste in bicycles Dave! Great picture of the bike with the wildflowers!!!!