Monday, March 10, 2008

World Class snow biking

With no new snow in a week, the trails in the Big Holes were "as good as it gets" this weekend and I took advantage by riding both days. On Saturday Michelle and I rode about 2.5 hours and then on Sunday Chris E., T-Race, Jill and I did a longer ride. In fact, I told everyone to expect a ride of about 4.5 hours but because conditions were so good we completed the 21-mile loop in 3.5 hours. Oh yeah, the loop has over 3,000' of climbing and it was all rideable on Sunday.

Chris E. wondered out loud, "why did we go to AK to push our bikes when we have riding like this here??" He was crushing it on the climbs!

Jill and TraceyP blowing the needle off of the Fun Meter.

The loop we did on Sunday feels like real mountain biking, only its on snow. There are the obligatory big climbs with rewarding views and then bomber descents. I am seriously considering organizing a snow bike race next year using the loop we did on Sunday.

A few squiggley lines from yesterday's ride

Jill has only had her snow bike for about 10 days but said she has ridden it every day since she got it. I think she is hooked. Doing back-to-back fun rides on great trails definitely helped me get my snow biking stoke back to where it belongs.