Friday, March 7, 2008

Lunch skate

Since getting back from Alaska I have been doing more skate skiing than any other activity and I am having a blast. I am lucky to have two nice skate tracks within 10 minutes of my house so I have been getting out at lunchtime a bit during the week. I suck at cornering at speed and especially at downhill corners at speed so I will be working on that.

Freshly waxed with Toko Red

I really struggled with the crowds today at the Alta School track. Ha!

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Chris "Jigidy" Jensen said...

Yeah not that all that powder is finally gone the skating is as good as it gets. I was at the Alta track not long after you and it was great.

Cornering on skate skis? Just keep on skating, keep your center of gravity low and remember the downhills are supposed to be fun.