Friday, January 4, 2008

The calm before the storm

Another big storm is in the forecast. We seem to be in a cycle of big storms on the weekends which rocks for skiing but is not so sweet if you are trying to accumulate big hours on the snow bike. I know what Jeny & Ed would do. Ha!

Here is the latest from the National Weather Service

The view from my one hour snow bike ride at lunch today

Between now and Feb 16th I have a little bit going on:
- Train for Susitna 100
- Survive three days at Camp Lynda
- Ride the 100-Mile loop of the Togwotee Winter Classic on a snowmobile with the GPS
- Run a fun, safe, and successful Togwotee Winter Classic
- Do an overnighter with final Susitna 100 gear choices
- Travel to Alaska

And I need to do all of this without slacking off in my day job

1 comment:

Mr.B said...

Dave, thats a sweet view for sure. I cant wait to get up there and do some snowboarding before the long group ride.

Thanks for posting the route description, its going to be nice to start to study the route.

Have fun GPS'ing the route, I wish I could help because I definitely got a little bit of sledneck in me. Brapppp.