Monday, January 7, 2008

Big ride Sunday

Sunday would have been an excellent day at the Ghee...but it would be a stretch to call skiing pow at the Ghee "training" for the Su. When I called Chis E's house Saturday afternoon and learned that he was out riding his Pugsley in some of the worst conditions I could imagine, I was inspired. Chris E has been quietly, and very seriously, training for the Su as well.

Fish Creek Road is a great ride during and after a storm

As if I needed more motivation, I was riding with JayP. We met in Wilson, WY in order to maximize our riding and minimize our bike pushing. The big weekend storm left the trails too soft and too deep to ride so we opted for snow-packed backroads which proved to be an excellent call. Even the roads had a layer of soft snow and required a serious effort to pedal in the middle chain ring. Sunday's 6 hour ride was a solid effort and another valuable learning experience.

Random post-ride thoughts:
- I REALLY need to do a better job of eating while moving.
- I need to drink more
- Stopping, if already sweat-soaked, results in a cold core and then cold hands immediately
- Don't stop (see above)


Ed said...


That's a big, frosty, face-shot grin!


Doug said...

I do a better job of drinking on the winter rides than I do in the summer, but I still don't drink enough. I need to double what I'm already drinking to stay properly hydrated.