Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Michelle and I are leaving for Park City tomorrow to race the E100 and my mind is all over the map...but it's all good.

#1 - I am excited to ride myself silly on Park City singletrack this weekend! I love the trails in Park City and we always have fun weekends when we travel to race there. I am looking forward to hanging out a bit with Nate and Amanda while down there. Look for Amanda to do very well in the 100-mile race this Saturday!

#2 - I have completed a rough draft of the 100-mile snow bike race course and it is shaping up to be a beast. Take a look at the elevation profile. However, with decent conditions it "should" be rideable.
The tough thing about planning the snow bike race course is that there are several sections of trail that don't exist until we get snow and they cut-in the trail. This will be a work in progress but I should be able to finalize the course and publish a GPS file well before the race date. I plan to ride some sections on dirt before the snow flies and then ride others on the snow bike and/or snow machine when winter sets in. I am also still planning to offer a shorter course of either 25 or 33 miles depending on how it looks after scouting. I want the shorter course to be "fun" and not a total suffer-fest.

E100 race report on Monday when we are back! Have a great weekend.


Jill Homer said...

Holy cow! That's some serious elevation on the snow. That's going to be one incredible race. Any new powder and the hike-a-bikes are likely be epic. Add to that temps and wind at 10,000 feet. Maybe some 24-hour+ times? Any chance you'll include a foot division?

It's going to be fun to watch this race develop. Good luck in Park City this weekend!

Doug said...

Any tentative date yet on the snow bike race?

Good luck in Park City!

Dave said...

Jill - for now I am thinking that this will be a bike only race and that the numbers will be small the first year.

Doug - The two dates I have in mind are Jan 12 or Jan 19.

Chris said...

Good luck this weekend. That's quite the elevation chart. Glad my pugs is the only MTB with a 34t rear cog. haha

Ed said...

Good luck Dave and Michelle!!! I can't wait to read the reports.


FixieDave said...

looks like a suffer fest...

i'm in =)

Chris said...

Looking at the grade on some of those climbs. Wow. better get my shoes dialed in! The starting 1k ft gain in 5 miles. Hehe.