Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Race or taper?

All season I have been wondering whether I am any faster than I was at the same time last year. I love to look at results, HR graphs (I am a geek), and anything else I can use to gauge my fitness compared to the previous year. There were several races on my calendar that "should" have given me a direct comparison to last year but for various reasons they were all different this year. The WYDAHO XC race had two new short pieces of singletrack and the Targhee Hillclimb was 3.9 miles longer this year.

On July 28th I will race the Laramie Enduro. The course is supposed to be the same as last year so this has the potential to be a good measuring stick. Last year I raced the E50 the week before Laramie and I swore that I would skip it this year and come into Laramie fresh. I had a great race last year at Laramie but from the start I knew my legs were not what they could have been.

On the other hand, I had a great time racing in Park City and there are only so many events over the course of the summer so why not do both again? I am flip-flopping like a yellowfin tuna on the deck of charter boat! I need to make a decision quick so that I can train accordingly and make final travel plans.

Plan A: Race the E50 AND the Laramie Enduro full tilt just like last year

Plan B: Race the E50 but hold back a bit and use it as training for the Laramie Enduro

Plan C: Skip the E50 and try to go into Laramie fresh and snappy


Geoff said...

that's a tough one. i think plan B sounds like the best option for you, but then if you're anything like me plan b will become plan a just as soon as the E50 starts.

Dave Harris said...


Get a power meter - it will tell you what you want to know!!!

I'd ditch plan B. Ain't no such thing as holding back in a race and being satisfied with the outcome. That's called training.

Dave said...

Both of you have me nailed regarding Plan B. Dumb idea. Got it.

Dave, I knew the PM comment was coming and I hear ya loud and clear.

Leaning towards Plan A. :)