Monday, May 14, 2007

Fun weekend

With KTR a week away this weekend was all about fun. I rode for a total of six hours and have been feeling better each day as I gradually clear this alien out of my sinuses. He's a tough little bastard but I think I got him beat now.

Sat was a 4 hour road ride and Rick joined me for the big climb portion of it up Teton Pass and then I continued on alone and climbed up to Targhee to finish up the ride. Notice the lack of arm warmers, vest, or knee warmers in the pick. Woohoo, sunshine!

Sun was a 2 hour mtn bike ride with Michelle, Rick & Joanne up in Horseshoe Canyon and the trails are in great shape. I showed the crew the new trail I discovered last Thurs and even hit the new log jump, yeah baby!
The rest of the week will be minimal riding and a bit of gear prep. The Flux needs new brake pads and good once-over before the race. After laying out all of my gear & calories it looks like I can carry everything I need with the bag system I have with room to spare. There is nothing light about this venture.


Geoff said...

good luck next weekend. glad to hear that your health is back. should be fun. can't wait to read about it.

Chris said...

Will be nice to meet you at KTR. You're going to do great. Keep your head in it and you can do it! Hopefully we can talk a bit post race too about your cool snowrace. :)