Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Spark 900 Hotness

When Fitzgerald's Bicycles generously offered the team a chance to buy a 2013 Scott bike/frame on a "one-time only" offer" I knew exactly what my choice would be.  I wanted to lighten up the race bike for 2013 and the Spark 900 PR definitely saves some weight over my previous Giant AnthemX 29.  I really like the way the AnthemX 29 rides so I was a little nervous about whether I would like the Scott as well as the Giant.

After four rides, I can say that I really like the way Spark 900 rides.  It took me a few rides to dial in my position and the suspension (more on that later) but now its feeling groovy.  As pictured below, the bike is not quite "race ready" but you get the idea. My sexy race wheels are getting a little love at the moment.

I think it is pretty crazy, in a good way, that I have a large, full-suspension 29er that weighs just under 23lbs without resorting to stupid parts that will break.

2013 Scott Spark 900 with a mix of new & old parts

Pretty clean cockpit considering the dual remote

First bike with a 142mm x 12mm rear axle, and I dig it

SRAM XX1...does this cassette make my ass look big?

Cockpit Favorites:  Enve Bar, K-Edge Garmin Mount, Ergon GP1 Grips, and Thomson Stem

The Fox Float CTD Remote Shock replaces the stock DT Swiss Nude2

Very clean internal routing and exit port.

This DT  Swiss 190 hub is at least three years old and still smoove like butter

The Fox remote is meant to be run on top of the bar, but works very well under the bar
I will have more thoughts on the suspension and the SRAM XX1 drivetrain after a few more rides. 


Dave Saurman - Livin' The Dream said...

Love the bike, - for me less the xx1 but still great. What wheels are you going to ride?

Dave Byers said...

Saurdude-I have a pair of Enve wheels that are my dedicated race wheels.

Unknown said...

Hey, Just got my self a Rocky Mountain with the CTD dual remote and I am contemplating changing to a 1 x 10 (XT) drive train and mounting the remote, replacing the FD control, like you have.

Do you like it this way?


atila01 said...

Hello i research the Size off the Fox CTD Shox to replce my DT Nude 2 on my Spark 29.

I have lots of problems with the nude2....

Thanks for all.