Friday, February 8, 2013

Camp Lynda 6.0b – Days 2 & 3

Waking up to a fresh dusting of snow here in Boise has sent me into desert singletrack withdrawals.  Last weekend’s Camp Lynda was a great break from the regular winter routine and a definite mojo-builder heading into the endurance race season.  Camp Lynda is always a great opportunity to ride with talented riders and push myself to ride faster and longer than I might on my own if I were out on a solo training ride.

A huge thanks to Coach LW for putting the camp together again this year!  

Day 2 - Quick Stats
TSS:  279.6
Moving Time:  5:05:00
Miles:  45.2 (mostly singletrack)
Climbing:  5,287
Route:  True Grit Race Course starting at Green Valley

Chasing the pack on Day 2 (Photo Jeff Kerkove)
Random thoughts from Day 2:
  • Riding Zen once a year is not enough to learn it or get good at it.  
  • Following Kenny Jones down the Bearclaw Poppy descent was awesome and resulted in perma-grin for the rest of the day.  Kenny knows all the little lips and jumps to hit. 
  • The stair step on Barrel Cacti still scares the poop out of me

Day 3 - Quick Stats
TSS:  258.9
Moving Time:  5:24:00
Miles:  45.5 (mostly singletrack)
Climbing:  4,635
Route:  Barrel Roll, Sidewinder, Suicidal Tendencies (brand new trail), back to Green Valley via Stucki

The beginning of Suicidal Tendencies gets your attention.  I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. (Photo Jeff Kerkove)

Following Chris Holley down the switchbacks on Suicidal Tendencies (Photo Jeff Kerkove)
Random thoughts from Day 3:
  • Even when your body is tired you can coax it into riding for a long time…especially with extra coffee.
  • The new Suicidal Tendencies Trail is so awesome and so different than anything else in the area.  Huge kudos to the crew building that trail.
  • I finally nailed the techie section on Barrel Roll that seems to always get me. 
  • Riding with KC Holley ensures that there will be NO lolly-gagging during the ride…and I dig that.
  • Jeff and Kyle were the perfect ride buddies at the end and made sure I was thoroughly baked at the end of Day 3.

Jeff & Kyle drove from Colorado and maximized their riding time over three days 

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