Monday, March 12, 2012

Moving to Boise

Dear Teton Valley & Jackson friends,

Michelle and I are moving to Boise on March 21st. Holy shit! That is only nine days away.

Michelle has accepted a great job opportunity in Boise and starts her new job on March 26th. This was a very tough decision and one that we struggled with because we have so many wonderful friends here.

The roads and trails of Boise will see a little more orange & green in the coming months and we look forward to flying the Team Fitzy colors all season long. I have expressed my desire to remain very active with the team and continue to publish the Team Newsletters throughout the season. Being only five hours away, you will still see us in Teton Valley & Jackson a few times per year.

Well, I better start packing...


Adam Meyer said...

Wow Dave! We will definitely miss you and Michelle.

Best of luck in your transition. Boise is a cool town.


AJ said...

Holy hell Dave! I'll miss you and Michelle in the Valley, but hopefully we'll ride together in Boise.

Ed said...



Ketchum Kyle said...

WOW Dave, that is big news. Guess you will be riding that snow bike up in Ketchum next winter and that we will be seeing much more of you. Good luck with the move. Ketchum Kyle

Anonymous said...

Good luck Team Byers, you'll do great in Boise.

Anonymous said...

Wow- Dave and Michelle- Huge news, and a big CONGRATS to Michelle for landing a great job there. I am stoked for you both- Boise is terrific. Look out- I will be coming to visit you during mud season here.. ha ha