Sunday, November 6, 2011

25 Hours of Frog Hollow Quick Report

Wow, that was an emotional and physical roller coaster of a race. This could potentially be a long race report.

Quick Stats
Place: 2nd Solo Male
Time Riding: 25 hours, 15 minutes
Miles: 256
Climbing: 18,600'

I could not have finished this race without the incredible race support from two good friends and mentors, Dave Harris & Lynda Wallenfels. We had snow 30 minutes before the race started, a soul-crushing north wind for the first 6+ hours, and then bitter cold from sunset through the finish. There was a lot that "could" go wrong in this race.

A quick warmup next to the fire with hot tea before heading out for my last lap

Full report to come...


Doug said...

Way to go!

AJ said...

Damn--nice work Dave!!

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows, Dave was fast during the last six hours of this race. He was absolutely on fire and had a fantastic race. Congrats.

Hamilton said...

Just got the short version down at the shop...daaaaaaaamn!! I can't wait to read it all in your words (and with some action photos to boot, please). Sick ride, great result. Now time for some rest?

Tim Lutz said...

Great to race with you Dave and thanks for the pointers the day before. Hope to see you next year!