Sunday, September 4, 2011

Park City Point to Point Race Report

DNF. Major Bummer. I raced hard on adrenaline for about two hours and then all the energy simply left my body. I felt like I was going in reverse and was wobbling all over the trail. I pulled out at Silver Lake, Deer Valley 3 hours into the race.

At the start with my fast homies Adam Meyer (1st, 20-29), Mark Hershberger (1st, 50+), Trever Bushnell, and Fiddee Cent (2nd 20-29). Nice work fellas!

I don't recommend trying to race immediately following a week with the flu. On Wednesday I almost pulled the plug based on how I felt and in hindsight that would have been the "smart" thing to do. Another lesson learned.

On a positive note, I did get to see a lot of friends and witness some incredible performances. Lastly, I got a sideline view of the finely-tuned machine that is the Park City Point to Point. This race seems to step it up a notch each year.


eric said...

dave, sorry to hear about your flu 2 years running. it was a proud effort just to make that trip (that drive alone takes something out of you!) and to line up after being hit with a serious sickness.

i've had to miss a few races this year due to trying to race through one illness (that didn't go so well!), so i feel your pain.

on the positive side, this CAN'T happen three times in a row! you should be all set for a great race next year.

mark said...

Dave - Sorry about the bug...been there, not fun. Thanks again to you and M for nursing me and the finish...I was toast.