Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pierre's Hole 50/100 Recon

I really like the diversity in the Pierre's Hole course because it exemplifies the riding we have here. We have some great singletrack but we also ride gravel roads, double-track, and pavement in order to link up sections of good trail. You will get a little of everything thrown at you in the Pierre's Hole 50/100 race on August 6th.

This is going to be a hard race. The starting elevation of 8,000', the amount of climbing, and the rugged sections of trail will take their toll on racers. If you don't take care of yourself you will be cryin' for your Momma late in this race. I underestimated the 50-mile version of this race last year and I suffered badly on Lap #2.


Amanda Carey said...

I predict this gets my vote for the hardest AND most beautiful NUE race of the year. It's awesome!

Dave Byers said...

I totally agree that it will HARD and it is absolutely gorgeous right now. With a little rain this week, the flowers could perk up and the trails will be super-sweet.

What did you think of Dry Creek? I think its going to make me cry for my momma. :)