Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeling a little Fat

This item falls squarely into the "bike lust" category. I didn't "need" a new fork for my Fatback but when I saw pics of Speedway Cycle's latest creation I couldn't help myself. And now that it is here, I have absolutely zero buyer's remorse. It is FAT and it is sexy baby!

818 grams of Fatback carbon sexiness

Due to sleeping in late, (which felt really good by the way) I didn't get the fork installed before my ride today but tomorrow it will see its first real action.

Darby Canyon got 3-4" of snow last night and was slow but 100% rideable. This may be the last pic you see of the skinny steel fork for a while.


Buzz said...


Your sick dude..see a shrink. You need help bad. Carbon fiber substance abuse is hard to shake.


NICE piece!!


weather said...

snow / forecast from GFS,

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