Friday, January 28, 2011

Camp Lynda Day 1 - Vitamin D is good!

By the end of today's ride, I was wearing shorts and a short sleeved jersey. That makes me happy. Camp Lynda was due for a good weather year and it looks like we finally got it. Yeah! Sure, snow biking is fun but a big fat dose of Vitamin D sure felt good.

M was wearing the perma-grin in the desert sunshine

The crew gathered in the Starbuck's parking lot pre-ride

In addition to great weather, the people always make Camp Lynda a good time and I met some new friends today who I have only known via Facebook or their Blog.
The legs felt pretty good and I kept the effort in check knowing it is only Day 1 of 3.

The Day 1 route was an out-and-back (except for those of us who followed Jeff Kerkove too closely and got extra credit)

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