Friday, October 22, 2010

Racing Mother Nature

This has been the best Fall for mountain biking since I have lived in the Tetons but this weekend's forecast looks ominous. JayP, Hamilton, and I rallied to squeeze one more big ride in before we get shut out.

Looks like pretty good odds for snow on Sunday

Friday's Big Hole Crest Trail Adventure was a great season-ender...if in fact it does end up being the end of our mountain bike season. There are two key turns on the Crest Trail and missing either one will cost you some hike-a-bike. We went 1 for 2 today. Doh! Now I have those two sneaky turns on my GPS though. Ha!

Quick Stats:
43.7 Miles
4,650' Elevation Gain
4:29:57 Moving Time

Our ride began and ended at JayP's in Victor, ID

JayP and Hami at the top of South Fork of Horseshoe

Scary Tree

JayP flatted near the end of the ride. Most Big Hole group rides typically involve at least one flat


ScottM said...

A big loop from town, nice.

I dig the TF maps (of course).

Lynne said...

Hi Dave-

We rode that a couple of weeks ago. I bet one of your sneaky turns was off the ridge s of Elk Flats, to the left or east, down to the hike-a-bike sections. Where was the other?

Dave said...

Lynne - the two turns are:
1) Just south of Thunder Mtn, the newer trail trail goes right. This newer trail takes you down a series of tight switchbacks instead of a gnar downhill hike-a-bike.
2) Just before Red Mountain, there is a faint trail that goes left. This is a sweet trail through the forest and saves the rude hike-a-bike over Red Mtn.

Lynne said...

Yes, exactly. We made the Red Mtn one and enlarged the cairn for the turn. Never did see the Thunder Mtn switchback start, but were able to get on the new switchbacks fairly early. Looks like it's over now!