Monday, May 11, 2009

12 Hours of Mesa Verde Quick Report

After 9 hours and 87 miles, I quit riding due to severe foot pain from hot spots and swelling. Most of my last lap was spent coasting with my butt in the saddle while lifting my feet inside my shoes to take the pressure off of my hot spots every time the course would allow it. I have had foot pain during endurance rides & races before but nothing quite like this. Grinding along somewhere mid-pack in the solo male field, I was having an “ok” race before pulling the plug but a lot can change in the last three hours and I am bummed that I couldn’t be in the mix at the end.

I will have to figure out this foot issue if I want to continue to race the endurance distances that I love. Having a very wide foot (EE) severely limits my shoe options but my search begins immediately. I normally wear a 45 “Mega” width Sidi Dominator. For the race I wore a 46 “Mega” so I could loosen the straps as the race wore on and allow for foot swelling as the day got hotter but it wasn’t enough.

More on the race itself later…one of the best race I have attended. MTB Race News has a nice writeup.


T-Race said...

I wish your race could have gone better for you. I can imagine how you feel. Every race we learn something. Lots more to come.

FixieDave said...

have you played around with a less performance type shoe... with more flex ect.... tends to have the pressure points on the foot more around more...