Friday, March 6, 2009


The Togwotee 100-Mile Route

Attempting the 100-mile route that I mapped for the Togwotee Winter Classic has been on my mind since last January. If Mother Nature cooperates, I am going to attempt to ride it on March 21st or March 28th.

The Dilemna: With 15,000 feet of climbing, one would like to go as light as possible. However, with only one place to refuel, or bail out, one would like to pack enough gear and food to ensure safety if conditions change for the worse. So I will be thinking about my gear list a lot between now and then but I will carry overnight least for this first run at it.


Doug said...

Sounds like the makings of an Epic blog post to come. Have fun out there Dave! Don't forget to stop and take pictures along the way.

ScottM said...

Cool map. That's a lot of climbing for a 100 mile snow (right?) route.

Best of luck out there. Bring the GPS!

Dave said...

Scott, it is a ton of climbing and it is all on snow. It is 100% snow machine trail and not packed roads so it could be soft or it could be firm. I will definitely take the GPS.